5 Google Analytics dashboards for cross-border e-commerce marketing

5 Google Analytics dashboards for cross-border e-commerce marketing

It is understood that more than 29 million websites use Google Analytics to track their statistics, making it one of the more widely used analytics tools on the web.

Google Analytics provides you with a wide range of website performance data, such as visits per page, Home landing pages, active users and traffic channels.These reports can be simply tracked, but if you want to combine multiple metrics into a single view, you need a dashboard.With custom dashboards, you can customize exactly what you see and put all your important KPIs in one view.

Most businesses want to know not only the traffic to their website, but also more other information.Effective dashboards can take information from different sources and combine them together, giving you insight into the entire marketing channel, including SEO, social media, e-commerce, and more.

Google Analytics dashboard

The Google Analytics dashboard collects all the important metrics about website traffic into a single custom dashboard.

This dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs)as follows:

Session and user data(page views,bounce rate,number of pages per session, etc.));

Goal completion and conversion(lead or sales conversion, first interaction conversion vs last interaction conversion, etc.));

Channel performance(performance by traffic channel, traffic source, media, etc.));

Landing page metrics(session, conversion rate,bounce rate, etc.));

Browser and device statistics;

Geographic and demographic reports(City,Country, age,gender, etc.));

Campaign performance(cost,ROI,conversion rate, total revenue, etc.).