Do SEO still want to do it?What should SEO do?

Do SEO still want to do it?What should SEO do?

Recently Baidu has always occupied the front page headlines,so that the small partners engaged in seo work are full of anxiety, for seo whether to do the speech diffuse, in fact, seo has come to an end, we should look rationally. seo still want to do it?

We have to look at this in two ways.:

1.From an enterprise perspective

Internet sales is the original intention of enterprises to do seo,but have to admit that seo traffic is reducing, this is due to the rise of new media diversion caused.

Should businesses give up seo and embrace new media?New media and seo have different advantages:

① Advantages of new media

a.More channels

There are many new media channels, today’s headlines, Zhihu, shaking sound countless.

b.Communicate more closely with users

Due to the high convenience of the mobile internet,you can communicate directly with the user on the new media,and even available for video communication,such as fast hand.

c.Suck powder, quick.

Because New Media uses a push engine, quality content is distributed faster and attracted fans faster.

②s the advantages of theseo

a.User precision

The New Media uses a push algorithm,which is its advantage but also its biggest drawback,the fans brought is not so accurate,and seo is the user needs to search, is the user’s active search, so the accuracy is higher.

b.For a long time.

seo ranking is not good to do, but do a good job after the ranking,not often updated,even a few years do not update the ranking is also stable site many people, the reason is that it does play a help to the user search problems.And the new media you do not update for a long time to try, the amount of powder is still quite amazing.

c.Large degree of freedom

Website how you want to set up can be, as long as it is not illegal, do not violate the provisions of the search engine.

2.From a personal point of view

Now personal entrepreneurship has become the mainstream of society,Internet entrepreneurship is a shortcut that the general public can take.

What are their advantages for individuals?

① The advantages of new media for individuals

Simple to get started fast, is its biggest advantage for individuals,seo technology, so that personal internet entrepreneurship increases the threshold.

②seo’s advantages for individuals

Learn seo is not only beneficial to personal entrepreneurship,it is also a good position, enterprises do seo need special talent, then you can apply for this position, or in the form of part-time to do.

3.the future of seo

seo is not going to perish,he is fundamentally different from the new media.

New media is like a free magazine distributed by the side of the road, whether you need it or not, he will send it to you.

seo is like, an encyclopedia,when you have a problem, you will search for it to solve the problem.

Would you give up encyclopedias and choose magazines?

In the future seo and new media is bound to be divided into the world, co-existence,that seo to do what is the best?

II.what seo should do

1.Competitor analysis

Know each other in order to win every battle, through the analysis of the data of competitors, in order to do more targeted seo strategy.

2.In-Station seo

Keyword screening seems simple,the time spent on this work is worth it, according to the results of the analysis of competitors to do the keyword layout within the station, and Article creation, is the operation process of seo within the station.

3.Outer chain construction

There are fewer and fewer external chain channels. the channels we can build are::

① Forum posting

② classification table of contents

③ Self-media platform

④ Network favorites

4.seo data monitoring

seo data monitoring is the verification of seo strategies, access to data channels are:

① Webmaster platform

② Website log

③ External chain detection platform

Summary: seo also do not want to do is a pseudo proposition, through the above analysis, I believe that your psychology also has a general.Do not work people cloud and cloud,to adhere to their own direction unwavering, do seo as well.