How to set up a Facebook page?How to improve the content

How to set up a Facebook page?How to improve the content

First, the home page name and account settings
Name: directly search for the name of your home page(you can put the name with your product,as long as the search product will be able to see your home page).

Home account: is the account you set in the introduction(xiaobian quietly tell you this account can be set to your product keywords, as long as the search for products, you will see your home page).

II, Home avatar settings

This as long as you understand some common sense should know how to set up, generally based on their own logo for the head, or their own products to do the head.That won’t explain too much.

Home page cover illustration

This is very important for the display of your home page, equivalent to a facade of your own, whether it is a mobile terminal or a PC terminal, into your home page, the first thing you see is your cover map.

I will not explain too much about the size and requirements of the cover image (or video).

Here it is recommended to use pictures, if you can make a very good video when I did not say, (you use the phone to shoot out the kind of jitter video do you think it looks good?Can you attract customers?)

Here I will take the home page of clothing products to explain the placement and use of the cover map

1.Your clothing brand positioning and style determines your picture,put what color collocation,put what type of picture, go retro style clothing, make the kind of retro trend of the picture, go business dress on the business atmosphere of the picture….

2.If it is B2C it is recommended that you put the product map, clothing, then do not only put the product on the line, Remember the model is also very important,people rely on clothing Buddha by gold, no one to set off, how to highlight your products Taobao businesses know things, do not you know?If it is B2B, you can put your factory and business photos on it, if you are confident enough.(It is recommended that these figures find professional design to do,reluctant to set the child can not Wolf)

3.Or clothing, for example,a year is divided into four seasons, winter you are still showing T-shirts,shorts?Are you on an anti-season promotion or pushing your customers out again?Pictures can be appropriately exchanged according to festivals, seasons, Customs, new products, etc.The frequency of this change is not the more frequent the better, according to your product to set on the line.

Third, the home page information supplement

Home page introduction and other information to be detailed, must be detailed,so you can let customers better understand you,otherwise how do people feel that you are credible?

From the home page profile,address,time,url,contact information, etc., and even the brand story must be as detailed as possible

Wantonly, home page posting
In clothing, for example, you say you put the post, post interaction rate is too low,how to do?

1.First analyze your target customer group preferences,customs,habits, etc., know each other and win every battle.

2.According to your target customer groups of these preferences, habits to conceive your post, Don’t be lazy to forward other people’s posts, you are doing your home page, not post transit station, but some of its related posts except, such as international high-end luxury brand trend wind class, this can help you gather some fans.

3.According to the time zone of the target population,habits to set your posts a few a day,what kind of posts a day.

4.Is in do not understand what posts, clothing, then the four international International Fashion Week, know to take those materials with your products rely on, no longer go to see the success of those people’s home page to see what they send, imitate Ah, but don’t always imitate.


Drainage+products+conversion+offers in the form of home page content supplement

Pictures+videos to do will be more attractive

Wu, creative studio
You can use this feature on the home page to edit posts,videos, etc., you can also regularly post and other functions.

Land, message reply settings
All messages reply, to ensure that your 100% reply rate, because of the domestic network, you can not always be on-line but this can find the account, the reply time brush.

Automatic reply, This must be set up, it is best to let customers leave his contact information when they can not find customer service or guide customers to convert, etc., followed by, IS to let customers see your contact information, he can contact you.

Seven, reviews
Count the credibility of the symbol,, home page opened a review set, then find their own account brush a few up,remember, must be done real,too false is not conducive to home page conversion.

If there is no open reviews, you can first regardless of the early

8, Facebook administrator settings

It is recommended that after registering the home page,the functions in the settings are read again, understand!

First talk about the administrator’s settings,in the settings there is a“home page user identity”that is to set the home page administrator, administrators, editors, moderators, advertising executives, analysis.Look at these names should know the corresponding rights of these positions,the general administrator recommended to set up 3, the domestic Facebook is not so stable, the title risk is so large,only bind an administrator, is not unwise.

As for why it is 3,One is to manage the home page, the other two a function is spare,another function is to add potential customers, and then invite friends to like your account Home page, let them pay attention to the home page, or invite them to enter the group with the home page binding.So that your home page in the early establishment can get a number of traffic base!

A few other positions are at will if you maintain this home page is their own role, then these positions are very useful.

Nine, effectiveness analysis tools

This is a tool with the home page,but also a data analysis of the home page,This is actually equivalent to a small background of your home page.Nothing more research, through the data changes, you can see a performance of the home page in the recent stage,and then you know how to improve your home page!