How to make money writing novels online?

How to make money writing novels online?

How to write novels online to make money?Let me teach you now!


Method/Step 1:

Preparation.In the master of the basic writing of the network novel and the law of the market, carefully prepare the draft, it is best to design the outline of the novel, write the first few chapters.

Method/Step 2:

Choose a website you like.Now a lot of network novel sites, famous vertical and horizontal Chinese network,creation Chinese network,starting Chinese network,17 reading network,sweet potato novel,novel reading network, Xiaoxiang college, red sleeve Tim incense, tower reading novels……view the benefits of this site, as well as development and so on.

Method/Step 3:

Find the author background.Each site has the author background, first register an account, and then enter the background, will prompt the application author, with the creation of Chinese network as an example,according to the steps to fill in, new books, and then fill in the new book information, and then publish the first chapter, waiting for the review of the site editor.

Method / Step 4:

Patience to send books.Generally within a day, as long as you do not violate the regulations, will review the success, and then is to send a book, adhere to the hair every day at least one chapter, the best three chapters, each chapter 2000 to 4000 words, perseverance.If you pass the review, you will find your book on the internet.

Method/Step 5:

Sign up.Sent to ten thousand words, the editor will review your book, as long as the editor thinks well written, will send a message to you in the background, said Your book can be signed, this time, you can add the contract editor qq, and then talk about the contract matters, and then print, copy, Mail the contract, waiting for the state of the book

Method/Step 6:

Wait for the shelves.Website will be in your novel after signing the website recommendation,recommendation, in the novel about 350,000 words can be on the shelf,the shelf is equal to your novel began to charge, the more people read, the more money you earn.

Method/Step 7:

Waiting to count the money.If your book is red, there is a chance to adapt the game, change the comic, revision of film and television, physical publishing, etc., these will give you copyright fees.