IGTV is popular at the moment,how to do a good job in Instagram video marketing?

IGTV is popular at the moment,how to do a good job in Instagram video marketing?

As people spend more time watching online videos, it’s no surprise that Instagram TV has evolved into a powerful platform for video storytelling.If you’re already thinking about curating a video marketing strategy, be sure not to miss IGTV.In this article, we have detailed the features of Instagram IGTV,how to use it in corporate marketing, etc., which will lay the foundation for incorporating IGTV into your overall social media marketing strategy.

What is IGTV?

Instagram TV Instagram TV (commonly known as IGTV) is a feature to share long videos on Instagram………………….Although Instagram limits the length of video in your stream to 60 seconds, this feature allows you to upload up to 60 minutes of video from the web (15 minutes if uploaded from a mobile device).This gives you a better opportunity to tell a fascinating story through video.

Why use IGTV for your business?

Video has become a powerful tool for brands and marketers to attract consumers. IGTV can play a key role in your business with engaging video stories.

In fact, 60% of people prefer to watch online videos. 72%of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through video.So it’s no surprise that 54% of consumers are asking to watch more video content.There is no doubt that videos should be part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

3 ideas for IGTV strategy

Although you may want to try IGTV right away, first make a proper plan.To ensure that you get the most out of your IGTV strategy, it is important to first understand the type of content that should be published.Developing a strategy will give you a sense of direction about where to focus your time and energy.Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your IGTV strategy:

1.Making a series of videos

One of IGTV’s most popular uses is to publish a series of short films on a specific topic.For example, Madewell has several influential IGTV video series.Their sofa show series chronicles the story of the artist holding small performances at home.The Sunday dinner series features other influential figures in the food industry sharing their recipes.

2.Provides in-depth tutorials

What better way to provide a product tutorial than through a video? IGTV makes this possible.Since IGTV allows you to upload longer videos, you can easily share videos to show viewers how to use your product.

Lightroom uses IGTV to share#LrInsiderTips,a series of tutorial videos that provide tips on how to use Lightroom to take advantage of certain features.These tutorials enable users to take advantage of knowledge such as their current skills, or provide a novel and creative way to use their products.

3.Publish interesting interviews

The interview also provides an excellent complement to your IGTV strategy.Invite influencers associated with your industry to share interesting insights or answer pressing questions from your audience.

These ideas are enough to drive your IGTV strategy, but the following tips can help you further improve its impact:

1.Consistent aesthetics

Consistent aesthetics are essential to your Instagram branding efforts.In addition to following a color scheme that is consistent with your brand’s colors, you should stick to similar fonts and themes.

2.Cross-promote your videos

In order to increase engagement with IGTV videos, you need to first get your target audience to watch them.These videos can be cross-promoted through multiple channels and platforms.Make sure you share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

3.Optimize descriptions with hashtags

To further improve the visibility of IGTV videos, make sure to add relevant Instagram hashtags to the description so that even non-followers can discover them.This allows you to present your video to a relevant audience, not just existing followers.

In this article, we have summarized some of the most critical information you need to know about Instagram TV.If you have any questions about running Instagram TV, feel free to get in touch with us!