seo instructor:how to be a good seo instructor?

seo instructor:how to be a good seo instructor?

As an seo lecturer,in this want to explain is: their optimization technology must be excellent,in order to take an apprentice or to others to teach,otherwise it is a mistake!As far as I know, a lot of domestic seo optimization personnel is a liar,the money received by others,people ran away, things do not give others to do!Or the class is not given to people!This leads to the reputation of the industry is very stinky!Let’s not say this, today is mainly to small partners about the future you want to become a professional seo lecturer, what should you have?Look down!

First, the first seo optimization technology is excellent

This aspect refers to as an seo instructor, your own technology must be excellent!At least do more than 5 years of seo optimization technology!There are a lot of seo success stories!The last six months of the new optimization technology to master and become familiar with yourself!

Second, seo instructor syllabus

When we want to teach seo to customers, as an seo instructor,you have to put the course outline in advance to list a good, it is best to have two sets of course outline, one is suitable for beginners,a set of suitable for a little basic students!This is called individualized teaching!

Third, the attitude of seo lecturers

Why tell everyone about the attitude of seo lecturers?The reason is that the lecturer should have a very good character, can accommodate others!Have a small temper!Otherwise, the temper of some seo students is also grumpy,in this case, the back will affect the teaching process and quality!So an excellent seo lecturer, teaching attitude must be good,at least for the future reputation to lay the foundation!

Fourth, the actual operation of students

This is the focus of seo optimization lecturer,because the purpose of students to learn is to learn the real ability,if students have their own website, you should finish the course, should coach students according to the current situation of their website,how to optimize the website, the website to optimize, etc., pay attention to let students practice!This is the fundamental!

Summary: the above is about as an seo instructor should be how to do a good seo instructor at least requirements!The above is not specific so carefully!Because specific to a certain optimization technical level, to write a lot, so in this is just to write an outline!In fact, as an seo instructor, you can also give your own part of the project to the students to do, let them separate Labor, teamwork!Develop their team spirit!You can also exchange experience with each other!After going out for an interview or, this is a successful case of their own!In this case, the interview success rate is also high!