SEO trick,what are the little-known SEO trick?

SEO trick,what are the little-known SEO trick?

People often ask, seo has no trick Ah?Is not a novel To See More, think what has a trick, seo is a process, like building a high-rise, every step is very important, but as long as you insist on doing every step, then you want to seo trick you will practice, is not very interesting, with me to look down, you want to do every step,

A.Select the address

Now the domain name, space server has been very civilian, hundreds of pieces all fix,do not choose free space to do the site in order to save a few money, there is no free lunch in the World, Search Engine attitude to free space, can be used to describe the stepmother.We can choose ecs server when building a website,the most choice of web hosting for the general small enterprise station is also possible.

Rise to the ground, space is important, the domain name is also important,it is best to choose com as the suffix of the domain name, the name of the choice of business name Pinyin simple spelling or spelling,if they are registered,change the suffix can also be, such as net, cn, etc., do not choose too special domain name, believe me is not good for you.

II.Hit the foundation.

The so-called Foundation is the template structure of the site,do not in order to save money, looking for free template to use,say again the world is no free lunch,free template after-sales how to deal with?What if there’s a back door?These problems occur every day,in the regular website to buy templates is not expensive,it is a few hundred pieces of things,eliminating too much trouble and worry, in reference to the site tutorial can be in a day or even a few hours you can do a simple website.

III.Building high-rise buildings

To this step, is the construction of website content,in this increasingly standardized environment of copyright,if we are still plagiarizing or Baidu mirror peer website, search engine is not a fool,it will not give you what ranking,plagiarism too much careful Baidu k station Oh.


Don’t be difficult for their own aesthetic, the picture can do modification to do it, at least do a few supporting the facade.Search engine spiders are not without aesthetics,it also likes magnificent things.


The building is built, advertising must play enough, immediately go to the major search engines to submit the entrance, submit, the site just established half a month, the spider will take special care of the new station, come quite frequently, do not miss this opportunity, if after a period of time found that the site is not included, it is submitted once.


Website early hype is free, that is, do free outside the chain,you can register an account in the major related forums,new media registration,major blogs and other outside the chain release,in order to outside the chain is not deleted,we want to use the quality of the article to make them think you are very important,lose you is their loss.

VII.La Union

For the site in the pull alliance, is the link building, a person’s ultimate strength is small,we need and peers or related sites to establish friendship, the basic conditions of the general chain of friends is the same weight of the site Exchange, the weight is not to 1, and only the weight of 0 exchange, and high weight of the site interaction, people may not be willing, so first enhance the site weight is 1 is the goal, then do the right thing.

VIII.Review of websites

If you do the first six for a period of time, the site is still not what improvement,then you should review the site:

1.Originality of the article

The original article is not a word by you with the keyboard according to other people’s articles knock out must be original, at least on other people’s articles for language transformation and output pseudo-original.The search engine is not a fool,its recognition of whether the article is original, can be in a hair’s breadth.

2.Guide the Spider correctly

Guide the spider that is to say outside the chain construction, relatively outside the chain construction of the more spiders visit the greater the probability,but outside the chain construction is not what type can be, garbage outside the chain do not establish,for example, blog reply outside the chain, forum outside the chain and so on.

3.At the beginning of the site should be set up a good optimization strategy,do not wait for the site optimization for a period of time found that there is always not much improvement, then modify the title of the site,a large area to modify the title, Baidu Spider will look at the site revision, so that the site into the sandbox period,

IX.Word-of-mouth establishment

Word of mouth is to build a brand, for any industry has its kol, search engines have special care for its website, although we can not immediately become kol but we can build a brand through a variety of word of mouth marketing methods.:

  • 1.Soft text
  • In the major industry-related websites for soft text promotion,promote brand exposure.
  • 2.New media

Due to the push mechanism of the new media, users can more easily enjoy the convenience of the information age, we set up an account in the New Media, brand building, is a fast and effective method.

X.The ultimate trick.

Finally, enlarge the trick,for the site, the final seo trick is: adhere to, adhere to the correct optimization strategy, constantly update the original article, external chain construction, friends chain exchange and so on.

Summary: although the final seo trick is a little low,but this is the principle of seo,seo is not difficult, as long as in the right strategy, adhere to do it, he will give you one after another surprise.