SEO why white hat SEO is good

SEO why white hat SEO is good

There are always a lot of people in life who want to take shortcuts.If they do not want to give anything, they do not want to give anything, they will have a great return.

In SEO optimization, this is also the case, i.e. Black Hat SEO.In the short term, it can make your site have a good ranking,but it is not good for the site.

Once punished, it can not be restored for a long time.So, if you want to be a good brand, you have to rely on white hat SEO.

The web is not a simple way to cheat, nor is it without any restrictions, although some black hat SEO people try to hide these realities.

I was still surprised when I learned about the cost of making a black hat.White hat SEO only takes a certain amount of time to optimize and update, the site will grow up, as long as there are no big changes, the site will be very stable.

Black Hat can not be a long-term growth Site, except for some very special conditions, it can only get some temporary effect.If you do not want to get only short-term benefits, want to get long-term benefits, then you also need to do a good job in white hat SEO.

White hat SEO skills can be shared,but Black Hat doesn’t, which means you need to work hard to hide some reality, maintain connection resources that don’t leak, and try to hide your online footprint and cover up your website.The advantage of transparency is that it can improve its own public relations value,build its own brand and network form.

Black hats are always accompanied by a high risk, and whenever you run the risk of being punished by search engines.You can use a variety of methods to distract yourself, increase your resistance, or use anonymous methods to hide your online income.But honestly, it would be great if you put all your energy on the white hat.

You don’t buy a ranking but rent a ranking.The impact of web disadvantage is decreasing, which means you have to take action before the search engines, so you have to spend a week to prevent the search engines from finding out that you are doing bad things.And the White Hat does not need to go,and if practiced properly, you will be as stable as a big mountain on the search engine.

The Black Hat is unstable.Those who provide junk connections or fraudulent services are unreliable.Their form of business is unpredictable.Spammers always lack insight.

I’m not sentimental.I mean, no matter how many times you succeed through deception, no matter what you do, you’re just burning money.You do not do real, long-term and sustainable work,so you will rarely be satisfied with your work and happy with success.

Cheating on the web to improve rankings can also bring search traffic, but you will be hurt and punished for a long time.So Energizer is doing white hat SEO.