SEO work without success,what do you do?

SEO work without success,what do you do?

For SEO work, do you have such an experience, we spend a lot of time and capital investment, publish a lot of high-quality news source soft text to do link building, the use of funds may be as high as one million, even a regional website are not good,and nothing, in the face of this situation, often because: SEO experience, therefore, we do some SEO:

1.Content writing

① Why is it important to say that the beginning and end of an SEO article?

A: not only seo articles, New Media articles are also true,now the fast pace of life, if you can not attract users at the beginning of the article, the user’s bounce rate will be greatly improved, the end is generally summarized, giving people a beginning and end of the reading experience.

② Why do you write content, Baidu is not included?

A: if the site of other articles included, but you write the article is not included,you can review their articles in line with seo standards,whether the keyword is repeated, etc., did not find the problem can be viewed, the site directory,the author directory is down the right.

③ Why most seo articles are the total score structure?

A: because the total score structure is the reading habits of most users, first know the purpose of reading the article, and then solve the problem, and finally analyze the truth to solve the problem.

2.Outer chain construction

① Which form of external chain is most conducive to seo?

A: usually speaking, anchor text is most conducive to seo,but in doing the construction of the outer chain,not every platform can do anchor text,so the role of the outer chain in order to sort is: anchor text, hyperlinks, plain text.

② External chain platform plus Nofollow is it necessary to do it?

A: usually add nofollow outside the chain on the site seo is no effect,but the purpose of doing outside the chain is not only to enhance the site ranking, as well as attract real traffic, promote website conversion, so whether to do according to the actual situation of the site and platform to decide.

③ When can the new website start to do External chain?

A: the new website content is filled officially on-line can do outside the chain,but the quality of the outside chain must be high, this is the first communication with the search engine,so the impression must be high, to lay the foundation for future optimization.

④ Will you get a link from a page that has never been ranked by keywords?

A: usually make a judgment need to understand the properties of the outer chain platform, if it is a forum and other traffic platform, do the link is also possible, no ranking is not equal to no user clicks, so it is still worth doing the outer chain.

3.Page optimization

① When the new site is established, you need to know how to choose the domain name?

A: for the domain name selection problem,we give the advice, the first choice in line with their own brand, try to control the shorter length, of course, if it can be the weight of the domain name, that is the best, such as: the sale of domain names.

② Do you need to create active content on the site on a regular basis?

A: this is a very necessary strategy,it can increase the activity of the entire site, and create a lot of potential search needs of the content, covering more words we ignore.

③PC side page and mobile side Page, need to be unified?

A: we recommend that you choose a responsive design,you must be the PC side and the mobile side of the URL for unity,which is conducive to the search engine to assess the quality of the URL, and give the expected ranking.

4.Other issues

①SEO cheating, what is the impact on the ranking of the whole station?

A: the most common effect is that before Baidu algorithm does not recognize, the website ranking may rise relatively quickly,and once the algorithm is punished,it is a cliff down, and is down right.

② To establish a new station, do we need to choose the old domain name?

A: in theory, if you can choose the correlation of the old domain name,or good,after all, the old domain name has a natural advantage, it can help you quickly say to improve the trust of the site.

③ Baidu applet, whether there is an improvement in the ranking of the site?

A: from the current point of view, there is a very obvious improvement, but Baidu applet is only open to enterprise qualification, for some grassroots SEO, is out of reach.

Summary: the above about the seo problems caused is only a statement,for reference only.