Twitter session positioning Raiders look at this one is enough!

Twitter session positioning Raiders look at this one is enough!

The Twitter session targeting feature thrives on Twitter.Twitter Ads provides a proprietary Twitter session targeting feature.With Twitter session targeting, businesses can quickly target their target audience based on the conversations they actively participate in on the platform.Choose from more than 10,000 conversation topics in 25 categories, including sports, lifestyle, video games, books and more.

First, How does Twitter session positioning work?

Choose from Twitter’s more than 10,000 conversation topics Twitter session targeting to target the audience participating in the conversation.To add Twitter session targeting to your business’s campaign, do the following:

1. Go to the targeting section of your campaign settings

2. Twitter session targeting-under the audience characteristics section, click all,and then select conversation topics”

3. Enter a topic search term that you want to target in a campaign Twitter session, such as a movie genre or a specific brand

4. Here, businesses can click Add to add a conversation topic to their campaign targeting

Please note that Twitter session targeting topics cannot be uploaded in bulk.

Second, Twitter session positioning how to get more information

When the enterprise hovers over the Twitter session targeting topic in the campaign settings, the enterprise sees a box that contains the following information:

1. The name of the Twitter session targeting topic audience

2. Description of users in the Twitter session targeting audience

3. Estimated number of spectators

If people post tweets or are related to a topic, or focus on tweets about the topic of the conversation, you can think of them as part of the Twitter conversation targeting audience.

Businesses will be able to view the Twitter session targeting delivery results for their campaigns through the conversation topics in the>Audiences section.

Third, Twitter session positioning frequently asked questions

1, when the Enterprise Twitter session positioning,how to determine who participated in the dialogue?

Twitter session targeting is powered by a rule-based, manually adjusted keyword algorithm.Twitter session targeting rules can be adjusted with precision and scale by double checking phrase or word matching, reject list matching, Boolean expressions, author authentication, Tweet verification time keywords.

If a user has tweeted or participated in a tweet mentioning a conversation topic, or stays on a tweet about the conversation topic, Twitter session targeting believes that the user is participating in the conversation.There is a 28-day backtracking period.

2, Twitter session positioning how to superimpose to other positioning types?

Twitter session targeting is an example of additional targeting.If the business selects 5 Twitter session targeting topics and 35 [email protected] in the campaign, the business’s campaign can be delivered to anyone who meets any part of the 40 targeting goals.Twitter calls Twitter session targeting “additional targeting,” because the more targeted content a business adds to a campaign, the more Twitter sessions target potential audiences.

Twitter session targeting will also take into account all subtractive or”and”targeting selected by the business in the campaign.Gender,geographic location, age, and language targeting are all” AND”targeting types, which means they will all be respected.

3. What languages are included in Twitter session positioning?

All Twitter session targeting topics work in the English language market.Twitter currently also offers limited support for Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and French.Please note that for languages other than English, the coverage of Twitter conversation targeting topics may not be comprehensive enough.

If your business wants to use Twitter session targeting for non-English languages, select a topic in the Twitter session targeting drop-down list below audience characteristics, and then view the predicted reach.If your ad resources are insufficient or unavailable, add additional Twitter session targeting options to ensure that your business’s campaign has enough audience to run.