Why do Instagram marketing?

Why do Instagram marketing?

Instagram Instagram is a popular“inspiration Center”for users around the world, with more than 700 million users using Instagram every month.Mastering Instagram marketing can prove a powerful driver for your online business.About 26% of Instagram users earn more than $ 75,000 a year, which is very good for marketers.

Instagram audience is mainly 18-34 years old young people, this age is also the main force of consumption,so it is very suitable for young users to market products,such as technology fashion, beauty and so on.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing online community platforms.At present, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users in the world, ranking fifth in the world’s social applications.The main countries are India,Brazil, the United States, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia and so on.

Instagram account architecture

Single account:

Manage all your content centrally from one account and use one Instagram account to help deliver consistent marketing messages.The single-account strategy not only simplifies the account management process, but also focuses on maintaining followers.This strategy can also increase the account discovery rate,expand the size of the account, so as to help account content become a popular search results for users.

Multiple accounts:

If your company uses different business models in different regions, or your parent brand has multiple sub-brands, consider creating multiple accounts.We recommend creating more than one account only if the following conditions are met:

Have enough budget and resources to support multiple accounts;
A clear marketing strategy and the ability to publish unique content on a regular basis with each account;
Have a clear localization or sub-brand theme to drive business goals.
Increase brand awareness

Tell the story of the brand:

Businesses of all sizes use pictures and videos to tell brand stories on Instagram every day, and more importantly, there will be a large number of users on this platform to search for business information.Instagram accounts help attract users who are interested in your business and make connections.

Increase discovery rates:

Instagram Instagram ads can reach all important business groups,Instagram account is the best way to improve the discovery rate Instagram.

Communicate directly with customers: with an Instagram account,you can not only reply to comments on ads or posts, you can also send messages to communicate directly with users.

Connect with users

Focus on quality,not quantity:

As far as followers are concerned, merchants don’t care about numbers, avoid overuse of hashtags, hold contests and giveaways.

Identify the target.:

Increasing the number of followers should not be your main business goal.You can use Instagram to achieve specific, measurable, and practical business goals.

Show brand features:

Share ideas that represent the brand’s unique personality and attract like-minded fans.To get inspired, you can use the search and publish tab to find, track, and interact with other relevant accounts.